Ana Wintour – a strong woman in a fashion world

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is one of the most successful and feared women in the fashion world. Wintour has worked as a fashion magazine for Vogue as an editor since 1988 and has largely run the delivery on her own terms. Her trademark look is black sunglasses and a carefully cut hairstyle and the same style of footwear that has been worn by the woman since the age of 14. Wintour is such a famous figure that she has also been made into a character in several movies. The most famous reference is probably The Devil Wears Prada, based on a book written by Wintour’s former assistant Lauren Weisberger.

The dream of fashion was born already in teenage years

Wintour is a half-British and half American. She lived in the UK and was inspired by fashion as a teenager. Vogue editor was acquainted with the newspaper through her father, who was a journalist for the London Evening Standard magazine. Wintour started her own career as an editor in two British newspapers when her dad got her first job. As a young adult, Wintour moved to the United States and started as a journalist at Harper’s Bazaar. However, she returned for a few years to London to work for British Vogue before starting her career as an editor in the United States.

Glimpse Enter Wintour’s everyday life

Wintour follows an exact daily routine. She wakes up every morning at 6 o’clock and goes straight to play tennis with her personal trainer. The housekeeper’s concern is to prepare breakfast and to walk the dog.  After breakfast, Wintour heads to the office with personal driver and bodyguards, arrives at the office at 8 o’clock. At that time, Wintour already has three personal assistants at work. During the day, the cleaner cleans Wintour’s apartment. Throughout her career, Wintour has been very careful about her privacy and is enjoying her fearsome reputation.

Wintour’s office is in Times Square, New York, on the 12th floor.  Desk is very organized as her life in general. On the table there is a black Mac laptop, 20 yellow pencils in upright can, handkerchiefs and men’s pocket watch. The room is tastefully decorated with an oriental rug and baroque palate. Wintour officially earns two million euros a year.

The Vogue corridors only are full fashionable and stylish people. Wintour openly told to hire only those workers who dress appropriately. The same exact criteria is also applied to Vogue cover art, even if the person otherwise had any success. For example, Oprah Winfrey did not qualify for a claim before she lost weight. Hillary Clinton was asked to dismiss the navy-blue suit.

Below the hard shell is also a sense of humor

Even though Anna Wintour has created a permanent reputation as a real ice goddess, recent years have seen glimpses of Wintour’s more fun side. In 2015, she visited the popular American Late Night with Seth Meyers talk show, which made viewers to laugh and laugh at their casting ability and humor. At the same time, Wintour was able to say that she is capable of self-irony, as she agreed to present a boss in the sketch who was crying. Wintour has also told her own daughters to mock her.