Are Dresses Just for Women?

Trouser-wearing is being explained by (and strongly correlated with) horse riding. Societies which were more civilized, like Japan, showed drawings and older artifacts where women and men were wearing dress like clothing such as the kimono or robes. In Scotland a traditional piece of clothing was and is a skirt called a kilt. Greeks were wearing white long tunics draped on their bodies. Roman warriors wore trousers called braccae. In the Japanese army, men were wearing baggy trousers called hakama. These examples show that horse riding associated with war and fighting was associated with wearing trousers, thus men and women wore the garment out of necessity.

From Chanel to Paul Gaultier, fashion is playing with gender stereotypes. Coco Chanel was a brave woman who, by one critic’s opinion, tried to turn women into little boys with trousers and stripes; and Jean Paul Gaultier since 1990s dressed men on the runway in corsets and skirts. Now young designers are moving in a different direction and hide the genders of models. While watching the catwalk, you can’t understand if it’s a man or a woman. All models, no matter of their gender, need to be skinny. A brand called Hood by Air added long hair wigs, skirts, jeans and unisex items as to not reveal their gender. Baja East made women and men change their clothes during the show and all the clothing looked equally cool on both sexes. J.W. Anderson showed the same leather ruffled tops, with puffed up sleeves, tops and bottoms which were displaying the lines of men and women. Famous Olsen Twins have their clothing brand which is called Row. It features the same silhouettes, along with boxy, oversized, shapeless capes and trousers.

Fashion is a big deal these days, clothing gives you entity and character. One of the first things that clothes accentuate is culture and society, but now this need has disappeared. Fashion trends these days are influential and transcend the gender roles. There are no more genders here, just people and the human factor, that’s what is really important in all parts of social life.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen In The Row

John Targot made voluminous cashmere and silk fluid trench coats, these items do not make people drown in them and make them gender neutral, just to show their uniqueness by styling and looking different. He is the rebel against all tailored designer T-shirts and dresses.

Olivier, the designer of Hood by Air, said that people take what they think is feminine or masculine and try to imitate the gender that was given to them by nature. Instead they should take the moment, the feeling of that moment and it is all about the attitude or a gesture than just being identified as a man or woman.

Society is pushing its standards, that’s why you have not seen these crazy items worn not on the runway, but out on the streets. Maybe dresses and skirts are for personalities not genders, but people are afraid the society and that’s why designers can express the truth they believe in just by saying that it is an art, yet the situation is difficult to fully solve.