Body image

Body image is a better way to say how you see yourself in the mirror or when you try to picture your body in your head. Your image is created by your memories, assumptions, standards, it’s your weight and shape, how you feel when you are moving or being still. How you physically feel in your own body. Every emotion is projected in your mind and creates the image that only you can see and forms an opinion about your body.

, their bodies change drastically and society has norms and stigmas for all that, saying what is right and what is wrong. That can lead to positive and negative feelings for woman. A healthy body image is a very important thing for your physical and mental wellbeing.  When having a body image, you need to remember that everyone is different in size shape and there are not two similar bodies. If people would start eating the same things and in the exact same amounts, exercise, and try to look the same, at the end of the day, we would still stay different because of hundreds and thousands of reasons. Genetic inheritance is a huge factor in why we are all unique, our parents and grandparents are also very different from us too, don’t be fooled by Photoshop these days which tries to make everyone to look the same and inhuman.

If you are trying to look or weigh an ideal amount, how can you know what is perfection? But you can achieve an ideal in some kind of sense in the body. It is the healthy one that makes you feel strong, empowered and lets you live a normal life. If your body is healthy, you don’t feel tired because you have energy the whole day for work, socializing, you mood is good and you are not emotional for no reason, you can participate sports, activities, concentrate while learning, etc. If you are overweight or seeing yourself like that, you can get sick even if you do not have any harmful bacteria or viruses in your system. Mind over matter it is. Maybe your day and thoughts revolve around numbers, measurements, diet plans, popular magazine articles and so on. Receiving this kind of misleading information can lead to projecting yourself differently in your mind and seeing an image far from reality in the mirror. Focus on having a balanced diet, eat nutritious food, go outside, work out and reach your ideal body image by loving yourself. Go see a specialist for better advice instead of reading a pop magazine or copying social media trends.

Stop comparing yourself to others, if you still do that, remember that there are differences and try to see it in other people. List your strengths and what you like about your body, what makes you the real you and unique. It is hard being true to yourself and especially for a woman, when your every move is judged and compared by social media with models in bikinis, but you just have to remember that we are all beautiful in our own way.