Books About Feminism

It is the perfect time to read when you are on holiday. Actually, it is absolutely suitable to read a little bit every day and to learn something. If you are interested in feminism and strong and powerful women, here is the list for you to choose and read something about that.

A House Full of Females

Book is written by Laurel Ulrich Thatcher who is also a winner of Pulitzer Prize. She is the one who said that well behaved women don’t make history. It became catchphrases for feminists. This book is about polygamy, a little bit controversial but shows different side of monogamous relationship. It is about small group of Mormon women living together and fighting for their rights when and with who to have sex and children. It is a must read if you want to see different side of their culture.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Samantha Irby is very known comedian and a blogger. This book is New York Times bestseller. It will make you laugh and will pick you up if you are at your worst. Bunch of essays explaining why she need to be a new Bachelorette, telling story about her vacation to Nashville, sharing sexual experiences, giving advice about friendship that went from drinking together to pretending to care about their new babies and suburban life. This is personal embarrassment, as an author states, just living her life as a single 35 year old strong independent woman.

Big Little Lies

HBO made a tv show from this wonderful novel. This story is about 3 suburban woman who all have their big secrets hidden under the perfect California mansion life. You can find erotica, love, hate, passion, tears and drama in this one beautiful book, that takes your full attention for couple of hours. Critics are praising this book because of showing the domestic abuse and uncovering the truth, touching the most important issue in the household, how a woman is often treated as a weak one, but she has power to stand up for herself and show her voice.

The Mother of All Questions

Book of essays written by Rebecca Solnit discussing the question of this generation because the age of having children is growing. Women used to have children in their early twenties, but now it is late thirties and forties. To have children or not- this is the main topic and it touches subjects like Lolita and Virginia Woolf. This should not appear on a list for a woman to read, but this book should be taken as education, not of lack of passion for children or creating a family.

The Power by Naomi Alderman

This is a fiction novel that tells a story how chemical pollution made women stronger than men. This novel is intimidating and differs from the reality because it changes what is being done for women now and in novel worlds, and women take the power. Many plot twists that make a reader think and crave more of the story.

There are a lot of amazing books about feminism and powerful woman, but by reading these books you can touch a little bit of history and today’s career-focused woman and society’s point of view.