Emma Watson is a role model for young girls

Actress Emma Watson got her first role as Hermione in Harry Potter when she was only 11 years old. She grew up on the movie set and millions of people saw her starring in 8 Harry Potter films. She deliberately always tried to change Hermione’s character, but at the end she understood that is much like her: intelligent, fair, and active, and she was finally pleased with this observation.

Watson always says that she has enjoyed reading and learning about things. While spending a lot of time on film set as a child and a young girl, she always bothered to reach for the book. She tried to read the same books as children her own age to fit in.

On the other hand, Watson wanted to be an actress from childhood and informed her parents before even going to school. Watson was born in Paris in 1990, but her parents are British. The family moved back to Great Britain when Watson was five years old. At that time, Emma was also inspired by the theater, singing, dancing and performing. She heard about the first Harry Potter audition from the teacher of the Theater Academy.

While, and after, being a star in Hollywood she had no privacy at all. Watson decided to turn the publicity to the benefit and began to campaign for important things as women rights. She has also grown up learning that she does not have to change herself to be gentle or softer just because others will like her more.

As a child, Watson dreamed to be as Hollywood star like Julia Roberts. The publicity of the Potter films has caused her to question her dream several times. Watson has mentioned in many interviews that she sometimes felt being in completely wrong field. She told herself that the movie industry is a bit too cumbersome and serious in nature.

In addition to being actor and a model, Watson has graduated from Brown University in the United States and received BA in Literature studies. Brown’s University has many other famous students, so actress felt accepted there. Watson says she enjoyed studying and versatility in life. Watson believes that she will do at least four or five things in her professional life and compares herself to the Renaissance period painters and writers.

In addition to her acting career, Watson is a well-known model and adored fashion icon. However, she is very careful about what clothes she wears. Actress says that she wants to feel at the same time both comfortable, gorgeous, sexy, strong and beautiful. Star does not want to wear clothing that makes her uncomfortable. At the age of 18, she was shocked by one of the interviews because without her knowing it was already decided what she is going to say and how she is going to look.  Famous actress said to her agent that she cannot lose herself in a role, instead needs to emphasize the importance of curiosity and intelligence not just the looks.