Empowering women

Today we already learnt that empowering women and especially girls are the key element to social transformation, economic growth, stability in the society. World leaders are giving their voice to this critical endeavor. But the reality is brutal, because violence against females is on a mass scale.

  • In South Africa every minute two girls or women are raped.
  • In Congo every day rape is being used as a weapon of war and 48 girls and women are victims.
  • In United States of America every day three women are killed by their partner.
  • Facts shows that more than 100 million babies are being killed or aborted or being left to die because they are girls.

There is no exact definition what women’s empowerment is. Word like empowerment does not exist in many languages. This phrase is used fighting for Gender Equality and in all movements, which consist of making women stronger. In general, the context of issues like political participation, girl’s education, leadership in economy.

Statements from the world bank

Empowerment is a process which increases the capacity of individuals or groups to have freedom to choose and have ability to transform those choices into positive actions. Through that process individual has a power to be a change. They are changing their negative thoughts from “I can’t” to “I can”. Online survey was conducted with participants from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Young men and women submitted their answers and here are the preliminary findings:

  1. Now women have more control over their life. They have more possibilities to choose education, but the least in career.
  2. Young women mostly want to change their income and career, which will bring them mental and habitual satisfaction.
  3. 60 percent said that if they want to create change, they identify themselves as a subject for it. The second place was taken by family members and from 15 to 18 percent said that their friends have influence on them want to change.
  4. Women who believe that they are change, survey asked how they reached this level of confident and awareness. 46 percent said that they rely on self-awareness and they learned in the process who they are. Another answer was experience and education took the last place.

Most important this is to shout everywhere we can that young women need to understand that they have power in them to be that change from their childhood. They can choose their career paths and not be pressured to become a cliché or standard of a housewife. They need to know that new generations of women are going to be stronger leaders and changemakers who are going to transform this world. From Neda Agha-Soltan who was shot because she was fighting for women rights to millennial women who do not care about society’s opinion about their choices, it is amazing to see how extraordinary and empowered, they are and not waiting for others to make changes. 2016 US Presidential elections and strong women behind #metoo are the best advocates who are leading the change and you should join them.