How to be Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a French expression to describe a special woman. She is seductive, very attractive and is a trouble for a man who gets involved with her. Being beautiful and sexy does not have to mean as a cliché that woman is stupid. Femme Fatale has a character, she is smart and independent. Every woman would like to be her, and every man likes to get in trouble. This is couple of points how to style yourself as this kind of woman and be more confident in your own skin.


You don’t need to dress every day in black silky slip or wear red lipstick all the time. These days in the street you will look like a performer on the corner. Daily outfit for Femme Fatale is in her own her fashion and fit. To emphasize your curves, show little bit of skin, but not too much. Natural makeup with little bit of blush for everyday look is perfect.  Femme Fatale always wears her signature scent. Find yours or try lavender or sandalwood, something strong and feminine.


Femme Fatale don’t need that extra sexiness from clothing because they glow from the inside and you can feel their confidence. They are fascinating, know how to keep another’s interest, every person is different, so you need to be quick and to find what ticks about them and keep that conversation going by being interested in them. Sense of humor will help in any situation. If a man says something funny, don’t just laugh, say something funny back – not just to show that you understood the joke, but you have a good sense of humor yourself.

Being independent should be the most important thing in the woman’s life. Femme Fatale is always responsible for her actions, she does not need a man to support her and pay her bills. She has a career, goals and dreams that she is seeking and working towards step by step.

Femme Fatale does not cry at home because she has not received a text message or a call from some guy. She does not sit at home weeping over bucket of ice cream and romantic comedy. She is not defined by the opinion of others and especially men. Real Femme Fatale knows what she is worth. You can date men, play seducing games, have fun or fall in love, even when she has a family she never lets her guard down. Femme knows that they are confident in every step of the way and can take of themselves no matter what. She accepts herself and puts herself first with love all the way. If a guy hurts you, don’t be in denial; as Femme Fatale it is your right to be sad and cry, recover, treat yourself and keep back into the game.

Little things make a woman real Femme Fatale, but the most important one is to be yourself and be true to you. Have your own style and opinion and you will be the most desirable and sexy woman, because being Femme Fatale means putting your interests and needs first.