#Metoo movement

In 2006 the ME TOO movement started, which was supposed to help survivors of sexual abuse to not be silent, but to speak up loudly about their experienced harassment. Mostly young women of color, who suffered this type of violence from wealthy older men, who have power and often are protected, hiding their violent tracks which are covered by lawyers. The vision of the movement is to have the resources needed, ready to help the victims and build a community of advocates, who are survivors and going to do everything that is in their power to stop these horrible things from happening all around the world, starting from their own communities and spreading the word.

Recently, not even half a year passed, before this hashtag and movement went viral. It became an international issue and people started talking and sharing stories. Women were moved by the fact, that someone understands the struggles that they went through, and have someone supporting them. The stigma that catcalling is normal was removed, that sleeping with someone for being hired or women being treated as an object in the office or in the streets is normal was also erased. Project advocates continue their work towards helping those who are in need, helping to join their movement and stop sexual violence. Harassment is not just verbal or physical, there is cyber harassment as well that can break a person just as much as catcalling in the street and push a person out of their safe zone. Sexual assault can lead to depression, anxiety, changing jobs, or moving to another place, changing a person’s routine. Everything that we are happy about and feel comfortable with can be broken in a second. This movement and its survivors that banded together are trying to stop these from things happening.

SOUTH KOREA MeToo movement

The goal of the MEE TOO movement is to change the whole conversation about sexual harassment and speak about the needs of survivors. LGBT communities, disabled individuals, women of color, youth and not just women, men too. People who are responsible for harming others, physically or mentally, need to be held accountable for their actions and strategies to do that need to be implemented. The system needs to change, and all the stigmas need to be gone.

Tarana Burke was a woman who found this movement in 2006. She is an African- American civil rights activist. She is still searching for the best ways on how to help the survivors heal. The idea is to empower with empathy, to show that you are not alone in this and you can find help 24/7 if you need it.

The celebrity time for #MeToo

Now ME TOO, just on Facebook alone has over 17 thousand followers. They say that more than 17 million women have reported sexual assault from 1998 till now, and if you are one of the harassed women, please join and share. The community is built on the internet, but outside of the computer screen, women and survivors are helping each other. They talk, share, create programs, search for funding and they do it all together. One of the strongest communities to do good these days is ME TOO movement. They want to uplift spirits of victims and have social justice for them, stop this flourishing evil and spread love and togetherness.