Movies worth watching about feminism

If you have enjoyed a short list of books relating with feminism, you are going to love movies about it too. These movies talk about femininity from different perspective, how they always fought for their equality and rights and how world should see a woman. As usual, the list introduces a classical film for old fashioned movie junkies and new ones that should inspire younger generation.

The Company of Strangers (1990)

Movies cast is all females, the whole plot is about them. They are senior citizens who went on a trip. In the middle of the road, their coach broke down and they found themselves in the Quebec countryside. They are pushed to work together and to get to know each other if they want to survive and come back to the city. They are all over seventy years, but from different cultural backgrounds and races. The topics that they touch while walking is love, family, racism, getting old. They face hunger, exhaustion, thirst. It is inspiring to watch how they slowly become a group and support each other. This movie will make you feel good and inspire to feel closer to women around you.

The Day I Became a Woman (2000)

Marzieh Meshkini is a director who works in contemporary Iranian movie industry. Film has 3 segments. Different episode tells a story about woman in different stage of her life. 1st one is about girl name Hava. It is her 9th birthday. In Iranian traditions this is the time when a girl needs to stop being a child and stop playing and become a woman. Second one is female named Ahoo. She is already a wife and has a fight with her family because she is seeking to be a contestant in a bike race.  Third one is Hoora, who is an older lady and wants to buy everything that she always wanted but could not have.  The idea of this movie is to show women who stands up themselves and fulfill their desires. From a little girl playing to a shopping spree. If you liked this movie, feel free to check out the works of director Lucrecia Martel; she is amazing woman and human being, and belongs to New Argentine movie wave by creating and directing cinema about womanhood.

The Headless Woman (2008)

There are 2 levels of this film. On the first one we can see a middle aged and class woman who gets into a car accident, she has worries that she killed a boy and also suffers a concussion. On the second level is a political side where director is showing tragedy of missing union activists under 1970s dictatorship in Argentina. It is filmed to confuse and frustrate the audience because of the main character Vero who is starred by wonderful Maria Onetto. Film talks about women’s position in the family, racism and society’s point of view to a woman.

I think you are settled for a good Friday movie night with your girlfriends, bowl of yummy popcorn and be inspired by these amazing women who left mark in the history of film.