She Is Possibly The Most Influential Woman Of The United States

The half American and half Russian writer and philosopher Ayn Rand preached the virtue of selfishness. The convinced capitalist is still considered a great example of all representatives of a free market economy. In her books, she is explaining her philosophy of objectivism and these books are bestsellers. If talking in numbers, the work Atlas Shrugged is the best-selling book in the United States after the Bible. This book explains the entrepreneurs how to go on strike to bring altruism that she hated and fought to her life to her knees.

Ayn Rand was born in Russia in 1905 as Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum. She was one of the first female students at the University of Saint Petersburg. At the age of 21, the circumstances forced her to emigrate to the United States with her family. From then on, she devoted herself to the struggle against collectivism, which she saw accomplished in the former Soviet Union.

It took 14 years for Rand to finish the book Magnum Atlas Shrugged. The sales of this book are still going exceptionally well and it is still the primary inspiration for numerous social and political movements in the United States. Atlas Shrugged is about a group of industrialists who are fighting against the plan to nationalize their factories. The heiress Dagny Taggart and the engineer John Galt leads the resistance. Their struggle causes the country to sink into chaos and then to start everything from a fresh beginning again. A central part of the novel is a 60-page monologue by John Galt when he explains Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism.

Rand has not fully described objectivism

This philosophy does not have a fully formulated standard work. Rand incorporated her view of the world into her novels. She explained objectivism in countless lectures and articles. However, there is no summary because objectivism is based on rational self-interest. Rand saw the initiative as an essential requirement for the success of the individual. Rand saw the ideal form of economy in capitalism freed from all fetters. She demanded that society clear the way for the heroes of capitalism. Their success would also guarantee the success of the workers.

Rand had great success as a writer and lecturer. The American president Ronald Reagan was one of her fans, as well as, the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner, Wikipedia inventor Jimmy Wales, and the legendary head of the American central bank Alan Greenspan. One of her greatest critics is the economist Paul Krugman who is a prominent representative of collectivism. He described her work as a childish fantasy with an unbelievable hero. The book leads to a lifelong obsession that ends with the inability to deal with the real world. However you stand by Ayn Rand’s work, one thing is sure. The emigrant has worked her way up. She started from the low-paid jobs to become one of the most influential women in the world. The famous American author Gore Vidal once said that Atlas Shrugged was the only novel that all members of the Congress had read.