What is Feminism?

Feminists are people who, regardless of their own gender, believe in economic, social and political equality of all the sexes. Even though feminism originated in West, now it has spread and manifested all around the world and all kinds of institutions are supporting and representing it- fighting for women’s interests and rights.

Western history shows that public life was for men and women was severely different, with the gentle sex relegated to living a domestic one, doing home chores and taking care of the kids. In medieval times, women did not have rights to vote, study, own property or even to participate in social gatherings. In France at the end of 19th century women needed to cover their heads, and in some parts of Germany the husband had a right to sell his wife. It took long time before women were granted suffrage in Europe and United States. Women couldn’t manage any kind of business without a presence of a male (brother, father, husband, lawyer, son). Even their children were controlled by the father, not mother. Education was not even in question for a woman, most of the professions were manly ones and, in those days, you could not find woman CEO or a doctor. There are some parts of the world where these laws and restrictions still remain the reality for women.

The core of feminism is not for men and women to be the same, but to have equal rights in society. People usually argue stating that men and women are not the same that means there cannot be equality. As an example, they say that their bodies differ, women are weaker physically and need to bear children, men are stronger and have better physiques. It is so crucial to first understand the meaning of the words “equal” and “same”. Issue that feminism covers is about equality for the same opportunities and rights.

Example to explain the difference: imagine 2 boys at class; one is smaller and weaker than other, but are you going to forbid him to learn, use computer, have access to books and other materials just because of his appearance?

The answer is – of course not. They both are human beings and deserve to be treated equality as men and women in this society. There are so many examples of discrimination and this about 2 boys is not so harsh in reality, yet it still sometimes happens to be true in school. This is more a question for human rights.

Please just don’t be scared of this movement. It is a good thing that world needs right now. It focuses towards society without discrimination to transgender, male, female and everyone who even once were mistreated or had their rights restricted. We all should live in peace with others and ourselves, not being judged or trying to fit in. Feminism is trying to change social norm that we have now which came from medieval times. People don’t need to be afraid to be themselves, independent or vulnerable. Society needs to believe in human rights, human to human communication, not divided by gender.