Wonder Woman Phenomena

Today we all are trying to feel like superheroes. Women need to be called Wonder Women because of how they juggle their career, family and social life and it does not matter how old they are. It doesn’t take a long time for this kind of balance to take effect, like in a real superhero movie where you are one person during the day and another person at night when you are fighting crime. To take a real-life example, imagine a woman who has 4 kids, flies once per month because of her job, has a husband and a big house. This kind of woman sometimes may wonder if it’s worth it.

How can a woman be a full time leader at the workplace, solving problems from left to right and coming back home to a bigger mess than when she left in the morning? Does she need to hire someone to take care of everything in her absence and feel guilt of not being a present mother?

Facts about Wonder Woman go like this: she was single, had no kids, relationships failed, lost a lot of battles to villains, lived when social media was not a huge factor in women’s life. Also, if you watch the older episodes, her lasso was the only thing she owned with no money in the bank account.

Don’t forget Wonder Woman is a fictional character, she is not or won’t be able to do what a real woman does now. This is the key the difference between our strong women and fictional ones. This is reality, women can make mistakes, can be a fighter and a mother at the same time. Just embrace all the ups and downs that life brings.

Being a real human being means being one thing at a time. You cannot be everything or have 10 hands at the same time. Choose what you are good at and become the best version of yourself. Learning and growing to be better is a way of life and not like Wonder Woman, just to be born with mystical powers. As a woman you need to be smart, you need to know when to put on and take off your cape.

Social media gives us false ideas. For example, all the recipes that you can find with names like “Feed your family with gourmet meal prepared just in 20 minutes”. If you try to do that, you will have to spend a couple hours in the kitchen with a full sink of dishes afterwards and won’t even have the meal that’s in the picture. What media tries to show you is that everything is so easy, but in real life it’s not made in a photography studio and fixed by Photoshop.

By knowing this, do not compare yourself to something that doesn’t exist, you need to go out into the world and be yourself, and make that Super Strong Real woman in you proud!.